Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rearrangement of water molecules cures disease in Homeopathy

For over a decade we are working on Homeopathic dilution to solve the underlying mysteries of homeopathic magic. Now, we are of the opinion that energy content of the homeopathic remedies actually cures a disease which in turn depends on the re-arrangement of water molecules. The theory of rearrangement of water molecules (i.e; change in orientations of water molecules)also help explain such natural phenomenon that remained  unraveled or unexplored so far.

Our latest work “The driving force behind homeopathy…………..” published in homeopathy4everyone Nov2013 ( further strengthen the theory of rearrangement of water molecules.

We remain thankful to different organizations for  updating scientific bases of Homeopathy in front of millions through seminars and discussions.

 One such discussionHomeopathy is based on Scientific Facts - Prof.Elizabeth Malarczyk "

held recently can be had at

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