Sunday, June 26, 2011

Information about our research

Myself along with Biplab Chakraborty are working on homeopathic dilutions for the last ten years.By this time we have got published three papers in a USA based journal ,SIMILLIMUM(


Anonymous said...

Please give details.

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Hello, Thanks for this. I myself being a doctor, research and public health person have been benefitted from my aunt's homeopathy, in curing several diseases, including a condition which has no mainstream medicine treatment. I have spent countless hours arguing in the scientific community where all they rely on is epidemiological evidence. For long now, my theory has been that science is only a few hundred years old and not yet advanced to explain homeopathy. Also as you say homeopathy is so very individualised personalised medicine that it would be extremely difficult to conduct large robust clinical trials. But I was looking for a concise layman's summary to your research and found none in this article. If you cannot explain in simple terms about what the findings are, your audience will be limited and the effort to convince people will fail. Please immediate produce a layman's summary, easy to understand and explain to others. Many thanks, SC, Cambridge, UK

Md.Ruhul Amin said...

Respected Sir
Many thanks for your comment.
We think your statement “For long now, my theory has been that science is only a few hundred years old and not yet advanced to explain homeopathy” sounds quite reasonable. Science has no limit so every effort should be made to find suitable explanations for any natural phenomenon instead of discarding it on simple plea. While we were continuing our research we found many contradictions within the modern science itself specifically in respect of Generation, Conduction and Retention of electrical energy by water ,the chief vehicle for homeopathic remedies. Here we present some of such contradictions
i) It is not ions but delocalization of electrons through orientations of water molecules that conduct electrical energy in water.
ii) Even distilled water is able to hold electrical energy like rechargeable battery / accumulators.
iii) When a pair of electrodes (different metals/non-metal) are placed in water they generate sufficient emf without chemical reactions or having concentration difference of electrode /electrolyte.

Further, in our latest work we have stated that the mode of action of the micro current therapy and homeopathic dilution seems to be same i.e. without any molecules and exclusively due to micro current /electrical strain induced at the cellular level.

For details please view:
1) Avogadro’s Number does not limit efficacy of Homeopathic remedies ( hpathy Feb2015
2) “How and why Homeopathy is Scientific” Posted on 07.03.2015 (

We appreciate your arguments with the unreasonable biased community.
Dr Md Ruhul Amin & Biplab Chakraborty

Anonymous said...

Hi, Please post a summary on your main blog page, rather than in the comment. And please ensure you have a easily understood passage in relation to the summary in your publication. Thanks. Btw, I'm a female doctor.

SC, Cambridge, UK