Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The magic liquid "Water" retains electrical energy through molecular orientations

                  Earlier we said there are sufficient area to be explored within the science which  will help to solve the mystery of homeopathy.In this regard we are working since long and our work have been published as we stated in our previous posts.The key of our work is the 'electrical energy of the substances' which leave some effect in the water whenever the substances are introduced into the water. This effect  in water is due to rearrangement of dipoles of water molecules.In our latest work we demonstrated experimentally that " water is able to retain electrical energy".

The work published in homeopathy4everyone April2012(hpathy.com) .Please visit "Water the Magic Liquid: Retaining Electrical Energy ..."


                    Once again we are thankful to Chief Editor ,Dr. Alan  V Schmukler & hpathy team for giving us opportunities to place our work in front of millions.We are also grateful to Prof. Melanie Grimes , Editor Simillimum,for publishing our works since long back.

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