Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homeopathy explained by Orientations of Water Molecules

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                  We are especially thankful to those of our modern well wishers who discarded our result in “Water the magic liquid retaining electrical energy” to be nothing but Electrolysis. This actually helped us to concentrate our works especially in the low voltage range, even below the decomposition potential of water i.e; 1.23 volts. We performed the experiments with self made battery (i.e; water battery) generating emf  in the range  of 0.9 to 1.1 volts which is well below the decomposition potential of water.

                      It is our great luck that Sir Hahnemann used his observations excellently for the sake of mankind .It is our fault that since long we discarded the same being ignorant and unable to evaluate his works with the existing scientific parameters and citing weak explanations in turn.

                    Respected J Benveniste  tried his best to explain that it is not necessary for a medicine to have molecules but its properties can be conveyed through a vehicle like water. He was trying to confirm that medicinal effects are conveyed through water when some Scientists termed his work as “unscientific”!

                    However we salute him for giving Unique direction to the homeopathic Research. There are still many properties of water which are yet to be explained by Science such as

i)                    “Difference in retention of electrical energy by water & Human Body” i.e. shown in our work “Water the magic liquid retaining electrical energy” (www.hpathy.com) & The Human body &water both retain electrical energy (www.hpathy.com)

ii)                  The modern science is yet to explain why Sugar solution conducts and retain more electrical energy than Pure /Distilled water in spite of having no extra ions as shown in our works “Solutions Ionic or Non-Ionic:Conducts & Retains Electrical Energy” (www.hpathy.com)

iii)                It is also yet to explain as to how Gr, Au Zn & Ag generates sufficient emf not only in pure /Distill water but also in contact with human body as shown in our paper “Homeopathic Individualization-in the light of Electrode potential.” (www.hpathy.com).

iv)                The flow of electrical energy through a conductor (metal/water) simultaneously in same or opposite direction also cannot be explained by the existing parameters, please view “ The Flow of Electrical Energy through metal & water----A New Concept” (www.hpathy.com)

v)                  Finally how a single electrode acts as positive & negative electrode simultaneously cannot even be explained by the existing ideas. Please view “ The Flow of Electrical Energy through metal & water----A New Concept” (www.hpathy.com)

The above experimental results are yet to be explained by any of the existing scientific explanations. Hence as we mentioned in our works, all of our findings can only be explained by “change in orientations of dipoles water molecules” which is key to the Homeopathic Dilution.For details Please visit

i)                    “The Homeopathic Dilution-A new explanation” (www.hanp.net)

ii)                  “The electrical energy of substances the secret of Homeopathy” (www.hanp.net

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