Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homeopathic Individualization-Scientific bases

                  Modern medical sciences accepted the view of Individualization of patient long after as proposed by Dr Hahnemann.But till today they are yet to accept Individualization of the remedy. Homeopathy deals with two main factor i.e; Individualization of the medicine as well as Individualization of the patient .

                   From the very beginning modern science often tried to explain Homeopathy on the basis of Avogadro s number and it failed.So there is no question to accept the theory of  Individualization of the medicine.In our earlier posts we have explained homeopathy on the basis of electrical energy content of  substances.In our recent work we also proved experimentally, Individualization of the patient  as well as individualization of the medicine.This work further confirm that the mystery of Homeopathy lies within the different electrical energy content of substances.
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