Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Generates emf in distilled Water ?

                                Firstly, we are thankful to our viewers throughout the Globe for being with us. We are also thankful to those who referred/suggested some interesting work to us.

                      But we have come across several communication /conversation wherein such generation of emf in distilled water is said to be nothing but the result of uncalibrated /faulty meters. It is also said that such generation of emf in distilled water is never referred anywhere in Modern Science so far. This idea leads them to opine that the result shown by us seems fictitious and farce.

                             As we have stated earlier that the experiments performed by us are so simple that it hardly require any sophisticated laboratory but rationality towards science. The emf obtained by different pairs of electrodes in distilled water may be the result of faulty meters as interpreted by some critics but how does then a LED is lighted or calculator works with such generated emf ? This part is already published in our paper “ Generation of Electrode Potential of an Electrode –an Explanation” published in Simillimum 2010 ( and also displayed in BRITISH LIBRARY, National Research Council(Canada)  & Ritsumeikan University Japan .

                    Hence, we request our viewers & critics to kindly spare some of their precious moments in conducting  our simple experiments on their own and offer their valuable suggestions having the results obtained by them for advancement of this work.

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