Monday, June 27, 2011

The Papers regarding Scientific Base of Homeopathy

As we have already said that we are working on Homeopathic Dilution for last 10 years and got published three papers in peer reviewed USA based journal SIMILLIMUM.
           The first paper entitled "The Homeopathic Dilution-a new Explanation" published in the year 2008 wherein we explained through experimental results that Homeopathic medicines are different from water, every medicine is different from other medicine and also every potency of a medicine is different from other potency in its energy content.
            In the second paper entitled "The elecrical energy of substances-the secret of homeopathy" published in the year 2009  wherein we demonstrated homeopathic medicines are prepared from various substances by utilizing its electrical energy and is transmitted from potency to potency through change in orientation of dipoles of water molecules.Beside,    this paper is also available in the the head of National Research Council Canada( ,  Ritsumeikan University Japan(, &

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